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Ready Solutions Associate Wellness Program
Goal: Reduce Absenteeism Via Pro-Active Hygiene Program

The Program:
Ready Solutions has developed the “Associate Wellness Case Program”. The Program includes providing Associates with a 12 week supply of product, (this timeframe is designed to meet the initial wave of a Pandemic thru a given area). The 12 weeks of supplies are kitted into 1 week kits to keep the program simple and the 12 one week kits are packed in an “Associate Wellness Case”, (AWC), that fits nicely in the office environment. The AWC is augmented with an “Add-On Kit” for associates in high human contact positions, (i.e. Tellers).

The Benefits of the program include:
o Each of the components are generally accepted as the proper products to improve hygiene and reduce the transmission of influenza.
o Each office can purchase just what they need based on the number of Associates they have.
o It’s a simple ‘one-stop shop’ solution based on number of Associates.
o Distribution at the office/group level is easy. Each Associate gets 1 AWC, (high contact personnel may also receive the additional “Add-On Kit”. The mail room personnel or office leader/manager can handle easily.
o Extra AWCs can be purchased and used by the reception areas to give visitors one of the weekly sub-units inside if desired.
o Limits abuse/misuse of product.
o Drives a standard that is achievable.

Product Description/Specifications:
The AWC Program is based on an all-in-one base kit for every employee which can be supplemented with an “Add-On” kit for those employees in high human-to-human contact roles.

Associate Wellness Case
SKU: 91226- Associate Wellness Case
Each 91226 contain the following components: Qty in weekly kit Qty in each 91226 ACW
Folded flat individually wrapped N95 or EN149 ffp2 Respirator 5 60
Folded flat and packaged Face Mask 5 60
Folded flat individually wrapped pair of Non-Latex Nitrile Gloves 5 60
Folded individually wrapped alcohol wipes measure approx 8”x5” 16 192
Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 70 ml. Active Ingredient 64% to 70% 1 12
Pocket Tissue Pack, Contains 10 3-Ply tissues 200mm x 200mm in a resealable pack 1 12
Re-closeable clear plastic bag 1 12
SKU: 91232- AWC Add-On Kit
Each 91232 contain the following components:: Qty in weekly kit Qty in each 91232 ACW Add-On Kit
Folded flat individually wrapped N95 or EN149 ffp2 Respirator 5 60
Folded flat and packaged Face Mask 5 60
Folded flat individually wrapped pair of Non-Latex Nitrile Gloves 5 60
Re-closeable clear plastic bag 1 12
Program Logistics:
Upon production completed Kits can be shipped directly to the customer or stored at Ready Solutions Distribution Center, (DC) in Charlotte, NC.

Pricing/Contract Minimums:
Ready Solutions has designed the program to meet the objectives of our Customers while removing as much of the complexities as possible. The key elements of the value proposition include:
1. Minimum Contract Size
2. Competitive Product Pricing.
3. Optional Fulfillment Program Pricing.
4. Optional Storage Program Pricing.
5. Expanding the Program beyond the Initial Contract.

1. Minimum Contract Size:
Domestic Program:
For a 100% Domestic Program the Minimum Purchase Order Size is 25 Associate Wellness Cases. This provides the best price level and enables customers to cover a percentage of the Associate population involved in daily activities.

2. Product Pricing:
Please contact your Ready Solutions Representative for Specific Pricing.

3. Fulfillment Program, (Optional):
Ready Solutions will make and store, (fees apply), the product at Ready Solutions Distribution Center until such time as the customer requests delivery.

4. Monthly Storage Program, (Optional):
We have designed a program that is extremely flexible and fluid. There is no charge for storing finished product at Ready Solutions North Carolina Distribution Center for up to 30 days. After 30 days there is a small monthly fee.

5. Expanding the Program beyond the Initial Contract.
A major advantage of this program is that it acts as a sort of hedge for the potential Avian Influenza. By taking the steps to cover the initial 3 months of a pandemic our customers are securing:
i. Contracted price structure should the program need to be expanded.
ii. A supply chain will be in place.
iii. Ability to direct a significant amount of product at will.
iv. Offices will have the process already in place to start a program on a moments notice
v. Those offices that elect to start the program early will have a workforce that is already trained and positioned to minimize the transmission of influenza.

Should additional product be needed, Ready Solutions will provide the additional product at the contract prices. Due to the nature of a pandemic, lead time may be affected by World events and will need to be addressed at the time of re-order. To ensure continuous product flow, Ready Solutions will monitor both inventory position and the global supply situation and keep our Customers apprised of inventory status.

Contact a Ready Solutions Representative at 704 534 9221