Ready Solutions


Business Solutions

Ready Solutions has developed a line of business preparedness products designed to aid an employee in the event of an emergency at work. This includes evacuations, sheltering in place, first aid and wellness. Ready Solutions™ creates cobranded and customized kits for clients with a minimum order of at least 500 units.

Eco-Friendly Marketing Solution

Ready Solutions developed the as an eco-friendly shipping envelope that increases open rates for your mail campaigns. Use this amazing marketing tool to impress your clients and increase your marketing success.

Pandemic Flu Program

Ready Solutions has developed a preventative Pandemic Flu Program that is a pro-active hygiene program to comply with new government requirements for businesses and overall protect your company's primary assets - employees.

Pandemic Flu - Continuity Program

Consumer Solutions

Ready Solutions™ has developed direct to consumer product offerings under our brand Home Guard. The Home Guard™ product-line is the largest Home Emergency Preparedness Product line including the Ready Kit Plus™, Ready Tube™, Ready Meal™, Ready Pouch™, Ready Flu™, and Ready Mask™. The Home Guard consumer product-line is available at various retailers and online at

Wellness Solutions

Ready Solutions has developed a rapidly expanding line of Wellness Products for the Home and Office. As we brace for the threat of a Pandemic, hygiene has become an increasingly important defense against germ reduction. The Ready Solution Wellness Program combines an offering of hygiene products and training targeted to reduce the spread of dangerous germs and viruses in our home, at work and during our travels. We have all become incredibly lax in our commitment to hygiene and the Ready Solution Wellness Program is designed to redirect our energies back to stronger hygiene management.

The most recent solution offering addresses the concern of the Avian "Bird" flu. The Corporate Pandemic Flu Program is designed to protect your business by creating a healthier work environment and better-informed workplace. This program is the most comprehensive pandemic preparedness offering in the US today. This Program is designed with a four-step implementation plan that includes Pandemic Flu Kits, Wellness Centers, Replenishment supplies and training. Through this program, employees are more comfortable reporting to work and the impact of a pandemic is minimized.


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