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Ready Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the latest addition to their successful SacPak™ product offering - The SacPak Flag.

SacPak™ earned the prestigious Most Innovative Package of 2010 from the DMAW.

The Ready Solutions, Inc. SacPak™ provides a unique and innovative marketing opportunity for you as part of your corporate programs, product launches, marketing programs and direct mailings. It is an amazing mailing premium shipping envelope that converts into a backpack or tote or FLAG. It is the only USPS certified envelope of its kind for flat rate shipping.

To learn more about SacPak™: request additonal SacPak™ information or send a SacPak™ sample request.

  • Eco-Friendly Not only is it made of recycled material, it is reusable and the eliminates the waste due to paper envelopes.
  • Increased Open Rates Statistically, only 2% of direct mail is actually opened. With SacPak™, open rates increased to nearly 100%. This unique and cost effective solution makes it a perfect promotional item for any industry.
  • Cost Effective SacPak™ is the only USPS certified envelope of its kind for flat rate shipping.
  • SacPak™ is available in the following sizes to fit your business needs:
Mailing Envelope Converts to this Backpack or Tote or our new FLAG
13.5" × 9.5" Backpack 13.5" × 21"
13.5" × 9.5" Large Tote 13.5" × 21" Handle Drop 9.5"
11" × 5" Small Tote 11" × 14.5" Handle drop 9.5"
13.5" × 9.5" Flag 24" × 26"

SacPak is a Trademark of Ready Solutions Inc. U.S. Patent No. 5,370,461. All rights reserved.