Ready Solutions

Ready Kit

Ready Kit™ is a customizable emergency preparedness kit that offers you the flexibility to design a solution to meet your program needs. It supports groups looking for a low cost alternative to the Ready Kit™ Plus.

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A Customized Ready Kit™ Might Include:

  • Highly visible orange backpack
  • 50 square feet of Home Guard Barrier Sheeting™ (4’ x 12.5’) and duct tape
  • 30-piece first-aid kit
  • One-day supply of food and water (five-year shelf life)
  • Flashlight
  • Water resistant AM/FM radio
  • Four “D” and four “AA” batteries
  • N95 particulate respirator mask
  • Two biohazard waste bags
  • Sanitary gloves
  • Utility wrench
  • Emergency whistle
  • Family communications plan
  • Emergency manual